Residential Roofing

Your roof serves the critical task of protecting both your family and your home from the elements. Whether due to damage from a storm or to nearing the end of its life cycle, at some point it is likely you will need to repair or replace your residential roof. With more than 30 years of residential roofing experience in the Kansas City area, Sun Roofing Contractors has the expertise to provide any residential roofing services you may need, from roof installation and replacement to roof repairs and maintenance.

Sun Roofing Contractors provides residential roof installation for new construction as well as roof replacements for existing homes. With the wide variety of residential roofing materials to choose from, selecting the right one can be difficult. Some roofing materials work better with certain styles of homes and climates. The residential roofing material you select should also complement your home’s exterior aesthetically. Sun Roofing Consultant’s expert roofing professional can work with to select a residential roofing material that works best for your home’s style, climate, and budget. Sun Roofing Contractors offers all types of residential roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, stone coated steel shingles, synthetic polymer shingles, and wood shingles. The manufacturers we carry include GAF, Malarkey, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Decra, DaVinci, Black Hawk and Green River.

Even the best residential roofing may need repairs at some point, most commonly as a result of storm-related damage. Leaks can cause interior damage and mold. Repairing leaks and other damage to your roof promptly will protect your home and help you avoid more extensive and costly repairs later. Sun Roofing Contractors can also help you work with your insurance company to file insurance claims for your residential roof repairs.

Unlike other areas of your home, you don’t have easy access to your roof to look for damage or problem areas. You may not know problems exist until you begin seeing signs of damage to your home’s interior, including stains on the ceiling or puddles on the floor. Roof inspections and regular maintenance can identify small problem areas before they develop into large problems. This will not only help you avoid expensive repairs or replacement, but it can also extend the life of your residential roof.

If you suspect damage to your roof or think it may be past its prime, give Sun Roofing Contractors a call. We will come out and access your roof and recommend either roof repairs or roof replacement. The residential roofing professionals at Sun Roofing Contractors pride themselves on doing the job right the first time. We will treat your home with the same respect we would use on our own homes. Our crews strive to inconvenience you as little as possible. We will protect your home and landscaping and will remove all of the debris, including using magnet devices to retrieve all stray nails. All of our installers are licensed and insured in both Kansas and Missouri.

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