Johnson County Licensed Contractor

Sun Roofing Contractors is a Johnson County licensed contractor. Not all local contractors can make this claim. Anyone can start up a business, print flyers, or distribute business cards, but that doesn’t mean they have the skills, training, and qualifications to actually do the job correctly or carry the necessary insurance to protect you from liability. Having a Johnson County contractor’s license signifies to the consumer that the contractor is well educated in the local building code requirements and meets the Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program’s requirements for bonding and insurance.

Many homeowners use the lowest price as the deciding factor when deciding on a contractor and fail to ask about licensing and insurance. However, many times a too-good-to-be-true price is a red flag indicator of an unlicensed contractor. Unlike licensed contractors, most unlicensed contractors are not bonded or insured. They also don’t pay any unemployment compensation for their workers. Avoiding these expenses paid by licensed contractors allows them to bid less than a licensed contractor. But hiring an unlicensed contractor leaves you little to no recourse if problems arise, the contractor performs shoddy work, or if the contractor disappears with your upfront payment before the job is done. You could also be left financially liable in some situations.

Hiring a licensed contractor, like Sun Roofing Contractors, provides you with protections you don’t have with an unlicensed contractor. If the work is not completed or fails to meet building codes, you can file a complaint against the contractor’s license. Liability insurance, required for licensing, covers any property damage or bodily injury caused by the licensed contractor’s work. Bonding, also required to obtain a contractor’s license, protects the homeowner if the company performs shoddy work, fails to complete the project, or does not pay subcontractors or suppliers.

The Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program is more comprehensive than the contractor licensing of other jurisdictions in the Kansas City metro area. The Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program requires contractors to attend annual continuing education courses as well as register their bonding or insurance, pass a nationally recognized test for the license class, and verify that they do not have a prior history of license discipline. Johnson County requires all licensed contractors carry a $1 million liability policy. Contractors cannot pull permits without a license.

Sun Roofing Contractors is proud to hold the designation of being a Johnson County licensed contractor. Call Sun Roofing Contractors at 913-827-2217 for all of your roofing needs.