Gutters and downspouts are critical components of your home’s structure. Gutters direct water runoff from your roof away from the building structure to prevent roof and structure damage. Downspouts direct the water away from the foundation. Without properly installed and working gutters, water can collect around the foundation, eroding the soil and possibly leaking into basements and crawlspaces. It can also damage the fascia and roof boards. Sun Roofing Contractors installs and repairs all types of residential gutters and commercial gutters to keep your home or business protected.

If gutters are properly maintained, they can last for decades. Gutter maintenance includes cleaning them at least once a year and resecuring fasteners and adjusting the position as needed. If gutters become clogged with leaves or other debris, they can cause water to back up under the roof. Signs that point to clogged gutters include water stains on the ceiling and puddles on the floor without signs of damage on the roof. Gutters can also be damaged by ice dams, fallen tree branches, or even a stray football or soccer ball.

Whether from age, lack of maintenance, or damage, there are signs that will indicate the need for gutter repairs or new gutter installation. These signs include leaks in corners, gutters that sag or turn to the front, water coming from behind the gutters, or rust on steel gutters. If you suspect that your gutters are not working correctly, give Sun Roofing Contractors a call and our professionals will come out and assess your gutters and downspouts and recommend gutter repairs or replacement.

In many cases it is more cost effective to replace old gutters rather than repair them. For residential gutters and downspouts, Sun Roofing Contractors offers continuous seamless gutters in multiple shapes, styles, colors, and materials to complement your home. For commercial gutters and downspouts, we custom fabricate gutters to your specification in your choice of materials. These custom fit commercial gutters are designed to meet any regulatory requirements and can be easily repaired if needed.

Commercial Gutters & Downspouts


  • Custom Fabrication
  • Your Specifications
  • Choice of Materials
  • Easily Repaired

Residential Gutters & Downspouts


  • Continuous Seamless Guttering
  • In Multiple Shapes and Materials

Gutter Shield

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Low Visibility
  • Doesn’t Clog
  • No Dangerous Ladders

Gutter Shield Demonstration

Sun Roofing Contractors is also proud to offer Gutter Shield, a unique gutter protection system that can protect your gutters and save you money on repairs. We are the only roofing contractor in the Kansas City area certified to install the Gutter Shield.

Gutter screens and other gutter protection systems have perforations, seams, or gaps that can allow leaves and other debris to invade your gutters, clogging them and forcing water under the roof. All-in-one gutters and gutter covers are expensive to repair. If one section is damaged, the entire section must be replaced.

The Gutter Shield is a solid gutter protection system with no perforations or entry points for debris to get in. It uses surface tension to direct the flow of water while keeping leaves and other debris out. If the Gutter Shield is damaged or dented, only that specific area needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Gutter Shield is constructed of aluminum with a baked-on enamel coating. It is available in a wide selection of colors to match existing gutters. The Gutter Shield offers a 20-year warranty.