Architectural Sheet Metal

Sun Roofing Contractors offers a full range of architectural sheet metal fabrication services, from standard fabrication of gutters and downspouts to custom ornamental designs to complete standing seam stone coated steel roofing. Sun Roofing Contractors designs, fabricates, installs, and repairs residential and commercial architectural sheet metals.

Metal roofs have been a popular form of commercial and residential roofing for centuries and have become more prevalent in recent years as a long-term roofing solution. The common concern that a metal roof will be too noisy has been eliminated by using installation methods that help keep noise to a minimum, about the same level as a standard asphalt roof. Metal roofs are also insulated to be extremely energy efficient, keeping cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter. Metal roofs are tremendously durable and last longer than other current roofing systems.

Many people like metal roofs for their aesthetic value. Metal roofs add distinction and create an upscale presentation. The wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors offer nearly endless design options. Metal can be used for the structure of the roof or for artistic accents for a residential or commercial roof.

Sun Roofing Contractors also designs and fabricates custom architectural sheet metal components, including metal wall panels, gutters and downspouts, flashing, metal caps, ornamental facades, fascia, trim, column covers, and custom architectural sheet metal artistic elements. Metals used by Sun Roofing Contractors includes copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stone coated steel, and zinc.

For more information about our custom architectural sheet metal fabrication services, call Sun Roofing Contractors at 913-827-2217.

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